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You Can Heal Your Life®

Oct 30, 2022

Discover how YOU can become even more connected, useful, and generous! Join Joe Polish, founder of The Genius Network, in conversation with Hay House CEO Reid Tracy as they discuss the secret behind Joe’s brand-new book, What’s in It for Them? 
You’ll learn:   

  • The best ways to bond with people and develop deep, valuable, and meaningful relationships 
  • Two ways of approaching people so you stand out as one of the most helpful people in their lives (and how to protect yourself from "takers!”)
  • Insights into addiction and recovery
  • How to develop greater empathy
  • How to attract more people in your life who love you
  • Where to find the biggest financial, relational, and spiritual opportunities in your life.  

You can listen to the full audiobook FREE for 14 days in the Empower You Unlimited Audio App. To download it today, Apple users visit, and Android users visit